Web development

Web Net Bulgaria Ltd. offers a lot of web services that you can find in the page Services / dropdown menu. If you want to order website making or to change and make batter your old one; if you want to present to the Internet audience your business in an innovate and professional way you must call us. We guarantee the quality of our services with all successful web projects we have finished. You can see some of them in our portfolio.

Web design

Welcome to Web Net Bulgaria Ltd.! Do you want ot populate your web site in Internet? Do you want your site to be a masterpiece? If the answers are YES you are at the right place! We offer professional services for web design, making of online shops and personal blogs. Our services are conformable to the needs and desires of our clients and the main purpose of our team is to satisfy even the most exacting people. We offer web desing and services for Internet marketing. Choose us and we will provide you with everything you need.

SEO services

To increase the number of your website visitors you need to make the site visible to the Internet audience. SEO is the process that will make your site visible by placing it at the first positions of Google and the other search engines. In that way people searching services or products from your field will find your Internet site and that is how you will gain a lot of new clients. At Web Net Bulgaria we offer professional services for SEO optimization and Internet marketing that will populate your business in the world wide web.


We offer you consultations that are intended to your better presenting in Internet. Consultations are appropriate for people who want to know how to present their business to the World Wide Web and how to formulate a clear view for the opportunities which offers Internet. The purpose of our consultations is to explain in details the processes of website making, the SEO steps, the need of Internet marketing and what is the essence of the Web Marketing. During the consultations you will gain knowledge for everything that is neccessery and related with your web site and what are the different opportunities for your growth in Internet.

SEO analysis

Web Net Bulgaria Ltd. offers services for website analysis that will give you exact information about your current website condition and what are the opportunities for your development in the web. SEO analysis or audit is a service which has the purpose to provide you with detailed information about:

1. The inner structure of your site, its content, navigation and the problems (if there are)
2. Analysis of the competition in your niche and determining the most popular key words that custumers use in their searches
3. Determining the current possition of the website
4. Evaluating the quantity and the quality of the internal links
5. Making a strategy for optimization of your web site

Social Medias

Today the social networks and medias dispose of bilions people. Over two milion people in Bulgaria use social networks. These two milion people include men, women and children (over 13 years). They have their own hobbies, interests and needs. Your business needs to reach them all and that is how they will use your products or services. That is why it is not enough to possess a webpage or a website and a profile in the social medias. You have to know how to control them and how to get the maximum of the resources which the web offers. You have to know in what way the web funcions and when and how it can work for you. We offer you our services for Social Media Optimization that will make your website popular in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Internet marketing

The Internet marketing is the best opportunity for everyone to make his/her business popular and to present his/her services to the Wide Web. This is the place where more and more people search services and products every hour. To develop your business and to be a successful professional you must have a right marketing strategy that will make your site visible for the people in the web. We offer you everything you need to present your business to the web customers. We offer:

1. Web design – making a web site for your business

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Optimization of websites to place them on the first positions of Google and other search engines

3. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – It is marketing known as Pay Per Click – advertisements that show up above the natural search results

4. SMO (Social Media Optimization) – Optimization of websites for the social medias and networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter

5. ORM (Online Reputation Management) – Management of your online reputation is extremly important because people who check something for you must find positive information